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Hi! I'm Faye. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, and giving me the opportunity to express my love of stained glass art. I hope that you enjoy browsing through my stained glass art,

My husband and I were having a new house built, and I wanted to have a stained glass window for the house. The particular piece that I wanted was over $3000 and that was several years ago. I thought hmm.., I can make that for myself. I started researching for classes and found a class at McNeese Univeristy being taught by a Frank Thompson. I later discovered that Frank Thompson was one of most well established and known glass artist not only locally but nationally as well. Sadly Frank passed away in 2021. His website is still online, if you'd like to see some of his work.

I immediately fell in love with this beautiful media. Once the work is finished, and you see it come to life and you behold the beauty of the it is extremely graitfying. It is both comforting and exciting to realize that the art that I created will bring joy to another person

I’ve been doing stained glass art for over 23 years now, and I’ve made hundreds of stained glass art projects. I use high quality glass and other materials, and all my work is hand crafted. There are cheaper versions of imitation pieces available from big retail outlets, but many of those pieces use plastic instead of real stained glass. The stained glass takes on different colors depending on the particular lighting at that time of day or angle of the light that the cheaper plastic options just don’t have.

Here's the first piece that I ever made, and one of my most popular works is the striped bass. i enjoy creating the wild life panels. Besides the striped bass, I've made ducks, deer, a peacok and doves.

My most recent work is a red rose and "The Curious Cat", which a lot of people really like. Many of the pieces that I've made have been custom made by customer request.

I'm not making any of the smaller items now as I am focusing on the larger panels. I do have a number of smaller items in stock. Most of these are less than $100. These would make great Christmas gifts. I have some angel wing ribbons, and I donate a portion of each one sold to a charity supporting that specific disease.